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Sunday, August 16, 2009

What is the story behind this photo

A. couldn't afford the cost of taking Wedding photo's at Edward's gardens and was kicked out?
B. had family ties to the storage place in question
C. thought they could just cut the sign out of the photo and save a trip to one of Toronto's many parks
D. the words "Easy" or "Now Open" had some special significance to their wedding

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Got this idea/website from a link on William Shatner's twitter page to his daughter's Leslie Shatner Walker family blog. They currently have only one entry, but it is a lot more personal and nicer looking than twitter and/or Facebook and/or .
I'll see over the next few days if I can link this site to my windows mobile cell phone and/or integrate it to the above two sites. (any suggestions would be appreciated)

Currently my @jamesdsharp twitter updates go automatically to my facebook status (where my friends/family tends to hang out) but I'll see if I like this format better.

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day, to all those who are, were, will be or want to be a dad but perhaps cannot today, may your kids see you love them some day soon... and Happy Birthday Ian and congrats to Mike Spendlove for tying the knot today