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Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Toronto Municipal Mayor Poll moves to Torontovote

May 8th I have recreated the Mayor poll and blogs from this page and they now appear on Torontovote since 1 candidate passed on and one candidate rejoined the race the previous poll is now pointless.

Besides the current 26 Mayor Candidates running, there is now 1 space for the Unknown or Yet to be announced candidate and the Yet to Decide vote as previous paid for polls have found 51% of votes fall into this category.

The only difference between my poll and the one they catch you unprepared on the phone is you can come back later once you have made up your mind and change your vote.

Future posts on this blog will be of a personal or biking nature.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tired of incomplete Polls and Debates with only 5 or 6 invited?

Well I'm tired of polls that only show the front runners in Toronto's 2010 Mayor Race, and debates/meetings that only have 5 or 6 candidates. There are a few definitions of "Front Runners" found in a recent National Post article, Blogger and Wikipedia, but the only thing worse that not being in the front runners and invited to all these events is being labeled Fringe Candidate. There are so many connotations to that word Fringe I can't list them all:

Fringe Science, Fringe Benefits, any social group holding unorthodox views, marginal or peripheral

As I was composing this poll I discovered the # of candidates has just increased to 26 since this weekend (this is in addition to the 6 that have already dropped out) The City of Toronto has a list that keeps growing (They include the date someone drops out, but don't mention the date they joined the race)

Besides the links found above articles, I plan to compose brief list of a links to each mayor as I find them. (many have already been posted to my TorontoVote Twitter account) and the mayors I have found so far can be viewed in my mayor-2010-active twitter list which currently has only 15/26 of them. There are other lists on my twitter account that allow you see those that tweet about the mayors, related to the mayors, or mayor-not-serious the unofficial unfavorable or funny tweeters, the sad thing is for every real mayor candidate I have found there are just as many pretending to be, or making fun of the mayors race.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Too busy to read all the Toronto Mayor platforms, read about it 140 characters at a time

I've never liked lengthy writing, so when Larry King CNNBRK lost the race to Ashton Kutcher APLUSK reaching a million followers on Twitter I decided to give it a try and became addicted.

I started with one for myself JAMESDSHARP, one for Shari, one for her cousin, the playright, and after hearing about SHITMYDADSAYS I created one for Shari's father (he didn`t like the idea) so I renamed it DWTStars then later deleted it after last years season (too time consuming, and short lived)

I have created/renamed other twitter accounts since, but TORONTOVOTE is my current favorite and without realizing it or attempting to copy it, it is only 1 letter away from the Official Feed of the City of Toronto Elections Services in the City Clerk's Office twitter account

My aim for my twitter account TORONTOVOTE is Re-tweet relevant news/platforms/links in Toronto's 2010 Mayor Race and list and RT candidates if not bashing another mayor candidate

I want to provide a place for those who want to find Toronto Mayor's platforms, speeches, links, news but without all the bickering, backstabbing and berating that normally goes on in politics.
The Biggest problem I've discovered with Toronto's Mayor Race is there was 31 running (5 dropped out) but less than half of them have twitter accounts to date and those that do usually have someone tweeting on their behalf from their campaign office or if they tweet themselves is is not always election relevant.

But lastly, I am trying not to be biased towards one mayor or the other, they all have good points to share and twitter allows the exchange of ideas between mayors and the public better than any debate or meeting where only a few mayors or voters can attend.

Twitter's stage is the world, and there is no one preventing any mayor or voter from having their voice heard as I have seen comments (tweets) with the Hashtag #Voteto from across Canada joining in the conversation.

But my favorite so far is from AliceT_
Dear #Toronto mayoral candidates, please do not use the hash#voteTO unless you have something relevant to say instead of your weekend plans