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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tired of incomplete Polls and Debates with only 5 or 6 invited?

Well I'm tired of polls that only show the front runners in Toronto's 2010 Mayor Race, and debates/meetings that only have 5 or 6 candidates. There are a few definitions of "Front Runners" found in a recent National Post article, Blogger and Wikipedia, but the only thing worse that not being in the front runners and invited to all these events is being labeled Fringe Candidate. There are so many connotations to that word Fringe I can't list them all:

Fringe Science, Fringe Benefits, any social group holding unorthodox views, marginal or peripheral

As I was composing this poll I discovered the # of candidates has just increased to 26 since this weekend (this is in addition to the 6 that have already dropped out) The City of Toronto has a list that keeps growing (They include the date someone drops out, but don't mention the date they joined the race)

Besides the links found above articles, I plan to compose brief list of a links to each mayor as I find them. (many have already been posted to my TorontoVote Twitter account) and the mayors I have found so far can be viewed in my mayor-2010-active twitter list which currently has only 15/26 of them. There are other lists on my twitter account that allow you see those that tweet about the mayors, related to the mayors, or mayor-not-serious the unofficial unfavorable or funny tweeters, the sad thing is for every real mayor candidate I have found there are just as many pretending to be, or making fun of the mayors race.


  1. Good point about 5-6 person show on the debate. Like your poll. Can you add on a choice of "undecided"? I would like to vote and see the results here...

  2. I will and when time permits and/or the city updates the list of active (and living) mayors. This poll will close and it will be recreated on where the list of 26 mayors and links were posted Sunday, April 18