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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Job Search - Google yourself

During my job search, I have read several experts suggest to do a Google search of myself. I appeared 7 out of 10 times on the first page when I searched James Sharp Toronto. Adding Toronto was a lot more productive than simply searching James Sharp as I show up in history as an Archbishop, Mayor of 2 cities and 2 footballers but I did appear 2 out of 12 times in that search.

The above was not an Ego Surfing, it was to confirm I have nothing I want seen by potential employers Four years ago a study found. "... one-fifth of hiring managers have used the Internet to find personal information about potential job candidates, and a quarter of those have rejected candidates based on what they found."

The figures keep getting higher as one expert on linkedin suggests 70% of employers have rejected a job candidate because of information they found about that person online, and 85% of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions

On that positive note, I clicked on a link I had not heard of before, unlike so many other pay for use web name search services this one is free.

James Sharp in Toronto, ON | Technology | Profile at PeekYou

James Sharp - Technology - See James's contact info, work history, school affiliations and other information on PeekYou. - United States - 

The above profile only had two of my twitter feeds and but had linkedin profiles for other persons in Canada. When I tried to add my own I had to replace CA. with WWW.  In order for the program to accept it.

When it didn't get added quickly, I read the disclaimer Any links that are submitted to will be passed through our search engine and matching algorithm, to ensure that they are indeed related to this person. In the event that our search engine believes it has a match, it will display the link on this page. Links are NOT automatically added to a page upon submission of this form.

So I hope this Blog entry will help get my linked in profile finally recognized on this search engine and pushed up further on others

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