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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Several Political twitter accounts "...caught the twitter bug"

While in job search mode (5 year assignment with IBM ended July 15th) I have been less inclined to blog or tweet from my the accounts I created for the Municipal  @TorontoVote and Federal elections  @CanVote while I applied my efforts to job hunting account @yorkcent (texts to my phone) and interviews but this recent bug going around prompted me to warn others and protect themselves or check first to see if someone else has warned the person that sent you the direct message already.

Here are just 3 examples that I have found, and each one (according to their twitter stream) was able to correct the problem by changing their twitter password

Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog…
New App., it shows me who ‘stalks’ my twitter
cheap d.... (I'm not even going to spell it out, we all recongnize this spam so my blog doesn't get flagged as spam) 

As I use Google Chrome and Gmail, all of these direct emails landed up in my spam so I knew the some of the links in Google Chrome would be blocked and I received the Phishing warning page when did click the 1st link, and instead of bank information, it probably tricks users into providing their twitter password

Phishing Warning Icon
Warning: Suspected phishing site!
The website at has been reported as a “phishing” site. Phishing sites trick users into disclosing personal or financial information, often by pretending to represent trusted institutions, such as banks.
If you feel you understand the risks, you may proceed anyway.

I also like to thank Matt's twitter account  @democracy101ca  for acknowledging they caught the bug and blogging about it.

I also commented,
My previous blog written June 5th about setting up a google alert for your name during a job search should have warned you if someone really had written bad things about you in a blog, it also adds a little humour in you mailbox when you see your obituary or that Hugo Boss has named a suit after you.

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